Job Search Residence Permit

The Job Search Residence permit has been introduced by Royal Decree 11/2018 which establishes that once they have completed their studies at a higher education institution, foreigners who have reached at least level 6 according to the European Qualifications Framework, corresponding to the Spanish "grado", may remain in Spain for a maximum and non-renewable period of twelve months in order to seek suitable employment in relation to the level of studies completed or to undertake a business project.

This permit does not come with a work authorisation. Once the holder has found an employer or they have established the business project, they have to apply for the corresponding residence and work permit.


The maximum and non-renewable period of concession is 12 months

Submission 60 calendar days before the expiry date and 90 days after

Application presented online

Timely application implies the extension of the validity of the previous permit 

Deadline for resolution is 20 working days and administrative silence is positive

No Foreigner Identity Card is issued for this permit



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