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Digital Nomads Visa

Artemis Law is dedicated to assisting digital nomads in navigating the process of obtaining the Digital Nomads Visa. 

Digital Nomad Visa Applications & All you need to know

Are you a digital nomad looking to live and work remotely in Spain? The Digital Nomads Visa that was introduced in December 2022 provides you with the opportunity to establish yourself in Spain while engaging in work or professional activities outside the country.

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Digital Nomads Visa: General overview:

  • The Digital Nomads Visa, recently introduced for Spain in December 2022, allows non-EU citizens to live and work remotely in Spain. This visa program is designed for individuals who wish to work for employers or clients located outside of Spain. Applicants must have a graduate or postgraduate qualification, vocational training from prestigious institutions, or a minimum of three years of relevant experience.

  • The visa distinguishes between employed and self-employed workers, with different provisions for each category. Employees can exclusively work for companies based outside Spain, while self-employed individuals can telework for both Spanish and non-Spanish companies, with a maximum of 20% of their professional activity allocated to Spanish companies. The Digital Nomads Visa is typically issued for one year, and individuals may apply for the Digital Nomad Residence Permit to extend their stay. Artemis Law provides comprehensive assistance throughout the visa application process, ensuring compliance with requirements and making your transition to remote work in Spain seamless.

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Our Process

The Digital Nomads Visa is available to non-EU citizens who wish to carry out employment or professional activities remotely. To be eligible, you must fulfill the following criteria:

1. Hold a graduate or postgraduate qualification, or possess vocational training from recognised prestigious institutions, or have at least three years of relevant experience.

2. Depending on your employment status, you may work for companies based outside Spain as an employee or as a self-employed individual. If you are self-employed, you can telework in Spain for companies based both inside and outside the country, with the restriction that no more than 20% of your total professional activity can be dedicated to companies located in Spain.

Digital Nomad Visa

Once the documentation is assessed and all the requirements are met, a visa will be issued for a maximum duration of one year. The Digital Nomad Visa allows you to reside and work remotely in Spain for a specified period.


Within sixty calendar days before the visa's expiration, you have the option to apply for the Digital Nomad Residence Permit, provided that you continue to meet the conditions that initially granted the right.

Digital Nomad Residence permit

Foreigners legally present in Spain can apply for a Digital Nomad Residence Permit at the Large Companies and Strategic Groups Unit. This permit is valid for three years, with the possibility of renewal for additional two-year periods as long as the qualifying conditions are maintained.

The Requirements

General Requirements for the Digital Nomads Visa:

  • Be over 18 years of age.

  • Have no irregular presence in Spanish territory.

  • Possess a clean criminal record in Spain and in countries of previous residence for the past two years, and provide a declaration confirming no criminal record for the past five years.

  • Not be listed as ineligible in countries with which Spain has relevant agreements.

  • Have public or private health insurance from an authorised insurance company in Spain.

  • Demonstrate sufficient financial resources to support yourself and your family during your residence in Spain.

  • Pay the processing fee for the visa. 

  • Have sufficient financial resources for themselves and their family members during their period of residence in Spain. You have to show 200% of the minimum wage. The minimum wage is at approx. 1134 €/month at this moment. For the first accompanying family member, you have to add 75% of the minimum wage and for every additional family member 25%. You can show this as a monthly income or as savings. 

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Specific Requirements

  • The existence of a real and continuous activity for at least one year of the company or group of companies with which the worker has an employment or professional relationship.

  • Documentation accrediting that the employment or professional relationship can be carried out remotely.

  • In the case of an employment relationship, proof must be provided of the existence of the same between the worker and the company not located in Spain for at least the last three months prior to the submission of the application, as well as documentation accrediting that the company allows the worker to carry out the work activity remotely.

  • In the case of the existence of a professional relationship, proof must be provided that the worker has had a business relationship with one or more companies not located in Spain for at least the last three months, as well as documentation accrediting the terms and conditions under which the professional activity is going to be carried out remotely.

Our commitment to excellence


Our fees for assisting you in obtaining the Digital Nomads Visa are competitive and transparent. We will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the costs involved in the application process.


As part of our commitment to providing comprehensive support, we can offer recommendations and assistance in obtaining suitable health insurance coverage from authorized insurance providers in Spain.


We guarantee to provide you with accurate information and personalized service throughout the process of obtaining your Digital Nomads Visa. Our experienced team of lawyers will ensure that you meet all the necessary requirements and comply with the regulations.


Book a consultation with Artemis Law today to learn more about the Digital Nomads Visa

how we can assist you in making your dream of living and working remotely in Spain a reality.

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