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Introducing: Artemis Law

Welcome to Artemis Law!

My name is Pina Espinoza and I am very happy to be introducing my new project, Artemis Law.

After having worked as a lawyer in different international law firms in Barcelona, I am taking the next step by starting on my own, finally providing the legal services I want to provide the way I believe they should be provided.

My trajectory has been rather atypical. I was born in Frankfurt, grew up near Dortmund and studied Law in Passau and Toledo. I learned Spanish when spending a year in Mexico as an exchange student with the Rotary Club and have loved the language ever since. Much later, when studying in Toledo near Madrid, I met my husband who is Mexican. After having lived together in Germany until I passed my second state exam in German law, we moved to Barcelona. Now we live in this wonderful city with our young son.

My love for Barcelona is also expressed in the logo. The intricate design above the name is actually the depiction of a tile of beautiful Paseo de Gracia.

After gathering experience in the areas of civil, corporate, real estate, IP and administrative law, I was given the chance to enter the field of immigration law at an international law firm in Barcelona where I implemented and ran the Immigration Department.

Supporting people who wish to migrate, who are looking to be reunited and live somewhere with their families, just as we did, fulfils me and that is why you are reading this first entry in my blog. I want to put my experience toward providing the best possible service to my clients.

It is very important to me to establish a relationship of trust and mutual respect with all of my clients and my core values for this project (speaking as an EOS fan), are:





I invite all of you to get in touch if you are looking for collaborations or if you need assistance with anything.

Thank you for your interest. I am here, should you have any questions!

Have a wonderful day!


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