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IMMIGRATION AUSTRALIA: Business Innovation and Investor Visa

An introduction to the Business Innovation and Investor Visa (Subclass 188) for Australia by Artemis Law's Partner Law Firm in Australia BRETT SLATER SOLICITORS!

Let's start by saying that these types of visas are extremely complex, and it is vital that you get an Expert Immigration Lawyer to assist with the process; not just the application. A Business Innovation and Investor Visa can have various components and Applicants need to meet some pretty strict criteria!

Common Issues

Some of the common issues that arise with a subclass 188 visa application include:

1. State or Territory selection - Do you meet the requirements for nomination? Each has different criteria;

2. Age Restrictions - Yes there are some, but do you know which don't or how, under certain circumstances, age restrictions may be mitigated?

3. Points Testing - Some streams mean meeting a certain point score. Do you know which and how many?

4. Assets, Net Worth & Investment criteria - An expert Immigration Lawyer can assist guide this process, but an Expert Commercial Lawyer can assist position your financial data and records. What do you need and how do you assess relevant requirements?

Why Use a Commercial and Immigration Expert Lawyer?

You can use an Immigration Agent if you want (and if your budget goes as far as that) but what about the obvious - it's a Business Innovation and Investor Visa which means having an experienced Commercial Lawyer available in the same room as your Immigration Lawyer makes total sense!

You can also access our team of Accountants and Tax Agents, as well as Business Agents too (DealCONNECT). Once granted, the same Expert Lawyers in Sydney can advise you and guide the process for transitioning to the Permanent Visa (subclass 888).

Is a Business Innovation and Investor Visa Right for Me?

A subclass 188 visa is for Applicants with business skills who want to:

  • Own and manage a new or existing business in Australia;

  • Want to invest in an Australian state or territory;

  • Want a pathway to Permanent Residency; and

  • Have an Entrepreneurial Activity and wish to live and work in Australia (with or without dependents)

What Do I Do Now? I Need to Start the Process...

You can expect:

  1. Contact from a professional Expert Immigration Lawyer;

  2. Full and open discussion via an initial consultation (telephone or face-to-face and any fees are refunded if we proceed the matter);

  3. Complete assessment of eligibility criteria;

  4. An understanding of potential challenges and the way forward; and

  5. Expert assistance and award-winning service!

Contact Today via email to or telephone +61 (0) 2 9299 5815.

Email Subject Line Quote: 188 Visa Assist (for an instance 15% discount).

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