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A new order has been published that puts an end to the ban on flights entering Spain from South Africa. Finally, those who are residents or hold a long term visa can travel to Spain directly again.

On Saturday 31 July 2021, Order SND/821/2021, of 30 July, was published in the Official State Gazette, amending Order SND/791/2021, of 23 July, on the quarantine conditions to which people from high-risk countries must submit on arrival in Spain, during the health crisis caused by COVID-19.

This order will take effect from 00:00 hours on 3 August 2021 and implies the

termination of the restrictions on flights from South Africa!

This Order includes South Africa as a high-risk country for the purposes of entry into Spanish territory, which implies the application of quarantine to persons from South Africa entering Spain. These persons must remain in quarantine for a period of ten days following their arrival, or for the duration of their stay in Spain if this is less than ten days. This period may end earlier if on the seventh day the person is tested negative for active infection. Spanish nationals with a full vaccination schedule are not excluded from the quarantine obligation.

NOTE: General restrictions on non-EU travellers still apply!

Furthermore, the aforementioned Order SND/791/2021 is complemented by the application of Order SND/821/2021, which states in Article 1 that any third-country national shall be refused entry into Spain on grounds of public order or public health. The exceptions to this refusal of entry for reasons of public order and public health in connection with the health crisis caused by COVID-19 for travellers from South Africa are limited to the following categories of travellers:

- Residents in Spain or Andorra;

- Spouses of Spanish citizens or partners with whom they maintain a union analogous to a conjugal union registered in a public register, or those ascendants and descendants living under their care, provided that they are travelling with or to join the Spanish citizen;

- Persons included in categories a), b), d), e) and i) of Order INT/657/2020:

  1. Residents of the European Union, Schengen associated States, Andorra, Monaco, the Vatican or San Marino who are going to that country, with documentary proof.

  2. Holders of a long-stay visa issued by a Member State or a Schengen associated State travelling to that country (national visas: study, non-profit, work, etc.).

  3. Transport staff, seamen and the aircrew required to carry out air transport activities.

  4. Diplomatic, consular, international organisations, military, civil protection and humanitarian organisations personnel, in the exercise of their functions.

  5. Persons who provide documentary proof of force majeure or necessity, or whose entry is permitted on humanitarian grounds.

  6. Holders of study visas of more than three months (i.e. long-stay visas).

In addition to the above, note that third-country nationals subject to a visa requirement to cross external borders must travel with the corresponding visa.


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