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Your Trusted Legal Partner and Advisor in investing in a Sunny future in Spain. 

We are a specialised Immigration attorney office based in Spain ready to help you reach your goals successfully. Book your Discovery consultation today or send us an email with all your questions.

Introducing Our
Law Firm

Welcome to Artemis Law, your go-to legal service for all your needs in and around Spain. Led by Pina, a qualified lawyer with almost 10 years of experience, we specialise in providing legal assistance to foreigners who wish to relocate, invest, or already reside in Spain.


With fluency in Spanish, German, and English, Pina offers a unique perspective to our clients, coupled with her northern European work ethics and education. At Artemis Law, we pride ourselves on our kind and human approach to legal services, ensuring that our clients receive personalised attention and guidance.


So, whether you need assistance with visa and residence permit applications, property purchases, or other legal needs, Pina and the team at Artemis Law are here to help. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and see how we can assist you in achieving your goals in Spain.

Meet Pina, your trusted Lawyer

"If you succeed, we succeed. 

We love what we do and that is guiding our clients as more than just lawyers. We are by your side through thick and thin and want to take part in your venture to success and happiness." 

Family at a Beach

Your Reliable Partner to Spanish Residency

Apply for Golden

Looking to apply for a Golden Visa? Look no further, we offer a full service package guiding you from start to finish. Start your new chapter in Spain with us today.

Student Visa
for Spain

Planning to study in Spain and need a Visa? We are here to guide you through the process, contact us to receive all the info you need to apply.

Suburban House

Residency Permit

Not planning on working in Spain? Apply for a non-lucrative visa to reside in Spain legally. We are specialised in this Visa type with over 100+ Applicants


EU Citizen & Family Member Permits

If you are an EU citizen, you and your non-EU family members can enjoy the privilege of free movement and residence within the EU. 

Real Estate & 

Interested in investing in Spain? We are hear to guide you as your trusted Legal & Financial Partner to guarantee your success with Spanish Law.

Digital Nomad Visa & Residency Permit

Artemis Law is dedicated to assisting digital nomads in navigating the process of obtaining the Digital Nomads Visa. 


There Is No Lawyer More Eloquent Than the Heart.

Sylvain Maréchal (1788)

News & Updates of
Artemis Law

Your go-to legal advisor in Spain.

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